I have always found it tricky to narrow down my interests and works since they range from research and writing (social science, humanities, migration) to performance and djing, to curation of discourse, performance, and occasionally visual arts.


But the red thread is culture.


Specifically: how to open up discussions on the practice and production of culture to all kinds of people. To include them and to implicate them in decision making about the preservation and memory of cultural heritage, to question and dissolve power structures which are prevalent within cultural institutions, to validate voices and histories from the non West, to center non binary, non conventional and non conformist ways of being and creating. This is a process and a journey which cannot be reduced to one profession or even articulated as such.

If this inspires you and aligns with your way of thinking or way of working, I would love to collaborate.




University of Oxford (2012-13)

Master of Science (MSc)
Migration Studies

University of Warwick (2007-11)

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons)
French and German Studies

© Elodie Grethren


is a researcher, curator & cultural producer based in Vienna, Austria.