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Allow us to reintroduce ourselves - Weltmuseum x Calle Libre

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves is an illustrative portrayal of moments of Black Austrian history by Black history experts, creatives and cultural workers from across Europe and the Black diaspora. I bring together historian and journalist Vanessa Spanbauer (@vansista_) (AT) and visual artist (illustrator and animator) Rossel Chaslie (@rosselchaslie) (NL) in this collaborative artistic/historic project which reflects on the past, depicts the present and imagines a better future for Black life in Austria.

The project consists of a illusrated timeline as well as 4 audio guides from me as curator, Rossel, Vanessa and a prologue by Mireille Ngosso - thanks to Chris Paul from Res Radio for support in production.

It is a deliberately community embedded and decidely community open, collaborative project and therefore I also proposed in July 2021 that the Weltmuseum hold a curarted series of monthly talks/readings/interventions from black Austrians to bring this timeline to life and complete it with voices and bodies who have been integral to the betterment of black lives in Austria. This should take place from October 2021 to February 2022.

I was invited to curate this project by Calle Libre as part of the exhibition and collaboration Weltmuseum: Re:Present.


is a researcher, curator & cultural producer based in Vienna, Austria.