© Artworks: Tyrone Egbowon Photo: Michael Schulte

An der schönen blauen Donau

The exhibition AN DER SCHÖNEN BLAUEN DONAU showcases Vienna-based artists inspired by the ubiquitous presence of the Danube River. It its diversity, the river cannot be claimed by any one city or country and is characterised by fluidity and connecting power. The Danube is the leitmotif of this show and runs through the works and highlights the artists’ plight for unapologetic, unfiltered, unmitigated expression.

April 9th - 12th 2022, at Never At Home in Vienna.


Cameron Ugbodu, photography/mixed media


Darryl Oswald, photography/video @darryl.oswald

Belinda Kazeem, film @bel.kamkaze

Tyrone Egbowon, mixed media @tyrone.egbowon

Jojo Gronostay, photography/sculpture @jojogronostay

Helen Ifeagwu, painting @hellytheartist

Eric Asamoah, photography @ericasamoahstudio

Lauréne Southe, audio installation and print (poetry) @laurenethepoet

Adrian Hall, hair art and sculpture @showyourtits @thegoodbushproject


VitoZoé, dance/performance @vitozoe_dance

Daliah Touré, dance/performance @d_toure_art

The anthem ‘By the Beautiful Blue Danube’ better known as Danube Waltz serves here as an impulse of movement, change and renewal. The Danube and its movement through different communities, histories and landscapes, aligns with the crossing disciplines and formats from a diverse group of artists including Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski, Jojo Gronostay, Cameron Ugbodu and Eric Asamoah.

AN DER SCHÖNEN BLAUEN DONAU (By the beautiful Blue Danube) aims to challenge existing local artistic and curatorial structures by new spaces for hereto underrepresented artists in Vienna. From its curatorial team to its artist selection of performances, installations or multi-disciplinary works the exhibition stages the intention of artists rather than set the usual agenda of certain communities in the arts.

The curatorial team Cameron Ugbodu, Tonica Hunter and Darryl Oswald aim to work carefully with the artists and to portray their art, their various backgrounds and disciplines. The exhibition is supported by the new art and production platform genuine - also made up of and founded by Black creatives.


is a researcher, curator & cultural producer based in Vienna, Austria.