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Floetic Justice - Wellenklænge 2022

July 2022

"Floetic Justice is a mindset carefully and strategically embedded within the medium of sound and translated and transported into a musical expression. As creators in various respects, music is the one medium which unites all of us here and which has brought you here to us.

Floetic justice is a movement which positions the artist as central to shaping their surroundings. It posits that we are artists and as artists have the power to influence thoughts, communicate feelings and incite action for good. Music, then, is our restorative justice weapon of choice. Music, as one of the few universal artistic mediums that can truly move, inspire and enact change. Music as our refuge, as our comfort our solace, our place to exist our space to be. We are willing and open to share that with you.

Floetic justice is an invitation not to consume, neither be passively entertained but for you to be engaged, challenged, motivated for introspection and reflection. Because here is a platform where music, + commentary and social justice meet." Curatorial Statement excerpt


  • Yelvilaa Bodomo a.k.a. YIELU (vocalist, songwriter)
  • Beyza Demirkalp (electric guitar)
  • Shahriar Hosseini (electric guitar, synth, production)
  • Mbatjiua Hambira ( production, sound design)
  • Jay Gutsa (prose, poetry)
  • Zahra Khan (reading, musical overlay)
  • Shi Yin (reading, production)


is a researcher, curator & cultural producer based in Vienna, Austria.