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Series: Black was co founded in 2018 and is co curated with Adia Trischler. The creative platform aims to unite and strengthen diverse communities in Austria through art, film, sound, repurposing of spaces, active dialogue, and community-focussed and/or based events. The pair have organised their own underground film screenings as well as host socio-political discussions, lead workshops on community, performance and culture as well as support and enhance existing cultural programmes in Austria through contextualisation, mediation and education.


1. Black History Month 2018 (CURATION, COMMUNITY) - Secret screening at Chateau Rouge of Elisabeth Tambwe, short film screeenings at WE DEY, Dalia’s BHM special show on FM4

2. RESOUND - (COMMUNITY, PERFORMANCE) - RESOUND invites participants to be part of an interactive workshop while simultaneously creating an evolving sound installation. By both engaging in and observing the exercise and sound repetition, a space of empathy, innate reaction, and honesty is reached within a subtly changing yet concrete environment. The work derives parts of its foundation from the teachings of theatre director Stanford Meisner, as well as the spatial/composition techniques known as The Six Viewpoints developed by experimental choreographer Mary Overlie. The aim is to reflect upon the intricacies of collective memory, individual preference and cultural habits. RESOUND was presented at:

- 2018 National Women's Studies Association (Atlanta) - Workshop

- 2018 MDW Performing Biography – Reflexionen zu Auto/Biografie in Kunst und Wissenschaft Workshop

3. 2019 On the Matter of Blackness in Europe (UCLA) Symposium (Los Angeles) - presentation on aesthetics of resistance

4. 2018 Spike Lee Retrospective and side programme at Gartenbaukino Vienna -

5. 2019 Kaleidoskop (PERFORMANCE) - Live spoken word and barber performance introduction to Q's Barbershop (2019)

6. This Human World Festival 2019 - Adia Trischler Intro, Tonica & Adia Perfomative Introdution

7. Vienna Porn Film Festival 2019 - Jury members


is a researcher, curator & cultural producer based in Vienna, Austria.